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Start a Coding Club For Girls

More girl coders!  Yeah!  If we knew more, we’d hire them for sure.  So we applaud Girls Who Code and similar organizations.  This is an amazing initiative and one that deserves all of our support.


From Good: Girls Who Code is on a mission to achieve gender parity in computer science by “educating, inspiring and equipping young women with the skills and resources to pursue academic and career opportunities in computing fields.” Help them achieve this goal by starting a Girls Who Code club at your local school or community center.

Graduation is a Time for Reflection

Why teaching is the best job there is, but more than that, why teachers are the best people.

How do you feel about your graduating students?  Is it bittersweet?


I’ve learned in the past three years that there’s no room for vanity in teaching, no time to over-think or be too self-conscious. I can’t hide in the shadows and hope nobody notices me. I have to be in charge – I don’t have a choice to do otherwise. There’s no one else to talk for me, I have to do it myself. Because of that, I am more confident in myself now than I’ve ever been in my life. I thank my students for pushing me, fighting me, challenging me, for being so smart that I can’t slack ever, even a little.

Cities are Centers of Innovation

This is not directly related to education, but I’m reposting because it’s so fascinating to think about how innovation happens (and it’s by an MIT researcher.)  Hope you’ll enjoy!


The Real Reason Cities Are Centers of Innovation | The Atlantic Cities

It’s obvious from human history that people have long found unique value in living and working in cities, even if for reasons they couldn’t quite articulate. Put people together, and opportunities and ideas and wealth seem to grow at a more powerful rate than a simple sum of all our numbers. This has been intuitively true for centuries of city-dwellers.

“What people didn’t know,” says MIT researcher Wei Pan, “is why.”

An Excellent Example of Classroom Management


You need to watch this excellent example of classroom management.  A lot of teachers on Tumblr spent time watching this whole video, even though it’s the better part of an hour.  Pretty amazing to watch this young teacher and how well he gets this class started.  Also, amazing to think about how much teaching will change once videos of excellent classroom techniques are more widely available.

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Edwards Middle School in Charlestown


Happy Monday!  We’ll start you off with an excellent Edudemic video which takes an in-depth look at a middle school just a few miles away from our office at MIT.  Edwards Middle School in Charlestown has had tremendous success with their extended school day, and this video will show you why.


Implementing Expanded Learning Time: Six Factors for Success

Amrita Sahni, director of instruction at Edwards Middle School in Boston, writes that lengthening the school day was “one of the best things we could have done to help reform our school model and improve student outcomes.” The schedule — three extra hours of school time four days a week, and half-days on Fridays — led to improved academic achievement and engagement. She also lists several tips to make expanded learning time successful, including getting buy-in from students, unions and educators.