Gradeable HQ

by Rebecca Segal
You share so much with us, we thought it was about time we shared some of our stories with you.

Teachers live at school.  We live at Gradeable.  So where does Gradeable live?image

We are based at Boston’s one and only EdTech accelerator, LearnLaunchX.  We moved here in June and will be here through September.  And we LOVE working here!               image

Companies working together.  Companies thinking together.


You might ask: why is LearnLaunchX so awesome? And what is an EdTech Accelerator? Well, an Accelerator is a space startups share. We are new and learning, adapting, and evolving as companies. It’s nice to share resources, ideas, and support each other. We share the space with six other EdTech startups.  There are also companies based here who rent space.  So we are just surrounded by innovation!image

Being in an accelerator is amazing because we get access to so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. LearnLaunchX holds a lot of events and meetings to benefit the startups so that we can further improve what we are doing. We also have great opportunities like going to a Red Sox game with the other startup folks!imageimage

The office space is great for working, thinking, and collaborating.  There is a lounge to sit in, walls that are like whiteboards, phone booths in case you need to make a call, and Boston Sports-themed conference rooms! image                      image

The view after a long day of grading.

We are also based in the heart of Boston, which is THE city for innovation and education. Everyday we are thrilled to be part of this community.  What about you?  Where do you work and are you part of a learning community?

Rebecca Segal is Gradeable’s awesome intern for the summer. She is currently a student at Brookline High School.


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