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The Uncomfortable Truth About Technology in the Classroom

Robots in the classroom will CTRL-ALT-DELETE my job! Well did you know Socrates thought the invention books and the practice of writing would hinder the learning process because he thought students wouldn’t have to use their own memories? Or that people thought text books would render teachers obsolete? Technology is here to stay, so join the conversation for finding a balance of technology and traditional learning that’s right for your classroom.



#So #many #hashtags. And who could blame the Twitterverse? The world-wide, real-life conversation is right there at the swipe of a timeline. With this comprehensive dictionary of educational hashtags, find out what people are talking, about whether it’s homeschooling or human rights. For your techies out there, check out these five hashtags related to educational iPad apps to keep you iUpdated.

14 Google Tools You Never Knew Existed

Ever wonder how popular cocaine was back in Victorian times? Well with Google’s Ngram viewer, you can search how keywords have trended in books in the past 500 years. So go forth and Google how your topic has evolved through the years.

How to Use Instagram in the Classroom

Think of 2013’s beautifully filtered version of “I Spy.” Teaching shapes in geometry? Have students post pictures of trapezoids or parallel lines through their travels.

8 Tools for Creating a Website for Your Class

Gone will be the excuse of “Oh I lost my syllabus so I didn’t know that was due.” Don’t be nervous, these intuitive, user-friendly tools will help you become an online mogul before the bell rings.

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