Gradeable at LearnLaunchX Demo Day


Demo Day 2013

Parul and Mikaila speak with Governor Deval Patrick and LearnLaunchX’s inaugural Demo Day

After undergoing a 6 month business development program here at LearnLaunchX, Gradeable and the 6 other startups here went to their first Demo Day. Demo Day was basically our graduation, putting together everything we’ve worked on and been mentored for and getting our product out the door.

One of the 200 attendees included Governor Deval Patrick, who announced in May of 2012 an initiative to strengthen Massachusetts as a leader in big data. Governor Patrick’s support for educational technology proves a shift in the breeding and sustaining new technology here in Massachusetts. By investing in local companies and innovations, our innovators stay here rather than pack up and move their ideas to Silicon Valley.

And to that end Gradeable falls right in line with the governor’s initiative. While our tool saves time for teachers by grading quizzes digitally, it’s also collecting student data to support data driven teaching and formative assessment. “There’s a huge opportunity here to use insights from big-data for real impact in the classroom,” Parul Singh, our CEO, said.

Speaking of Parul, keep your eye out for her, because like big data, she might just be the next big thing here in Massachusetts.


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