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Google + EdX = Open EdX
Google has joined forces with EdX, a non-profit online learning initiative, to develop the online learning platform expected to roll out early 2014. Open EdX will operate out of and the site will be to online courses what WordPress is to publishing: “A free, open-source way for universities, institutions, businesses, and individuals to build and host courses in the cloud on any topic and in any format for a global audience.” The landscape of higher education already changing with lectures from the world’s top professors already available online. It’ll be interesting to see how a major player like Google with change the online education game.

For those interested in MOOC’s, here is an article talking about the Resources and Expectations for Creating the Smarter MOOC

Boston Ed Tech Cluster’s Coming Out Party
While it was just another event on the agenda of Parul, our CEO, and Mikaila, our designer,  Demo Day was a big deal for the education technology cluster to which Gradeable belongs. For those of you who aren’t familiar, we are working with LearnLaunchX, an accelerator program that helps startups get off the ground, alongside 6 other startups developing educational technology. “It like a debutant ball,” Mikaila explained it. And while it was very exciting to have the attention and support of the governor, Demo Day marked the emergence of our very eligible cluster here in Boston. Viva Educational Technology!

18 Apps That Support the Creative Process
This article kicks off with the quote from big Al

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

and reminds us that creativity isn’t something to be taught, but rather inspired. And while memorizing multiplication tables has it’s place in the curriculum, so does learning how to think outside the box. When kids can operated effectively outside their comfort zone with the structure they’re taught is when the magic happens. Apps that help kids and the creative process have functions like note taking, question refining, and even collage making for exploring combinations.

BREAKING NEWS: Kids Know How to Hack iPads
Hundreds of students in LA found ways around administrative monitoring and site blocking within a week of receiving their school-issued iPads (part of a $30 million deal with Apple). Now, some were even making money ($2/hack) by hacking iPads for other students. Is anyone surprised? Given that most kids see an iPad as an entertainment device, and now they have one for the classroom, I’m actually more impressed that these teens beat the system.

Primary Source Documents, FREE and ONLINE
The interweb is now making it easier than ever to bring first-hand history right into your classrooms. With theses resources you can help achieve one of the common core standards: teaching students to comprehend informational text. What better way to teach them about women getting the right to vote than by showing them the actual 19th amendment and unraveling it right there in your classroom?

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