The Joys of Gradeable as Explained by the Internet

When somebody mentions all that grading you haven’t done you’re like

We know that getting started on your grading can be tough…

And you’re not exactly excited to grade all those papers and tests.

We agree that grading can be stressful.

And it can take hours

And it is exhausting.

And at the end all you want to do is

Or this

And for a moment you celebrate because you finished

But then you go home and fall asleep because you are so tired.

If you can even make it to your bed…

Gradeable can change that. Gradeable will help make grading faster.

Ya, we know, it’s pretty exciting.

Think about it, without Gradeable you never had any extra time

But with Gradeable, you will have time to do other activities!

Gradeable wants to change myb routine and digitize all my grading? Am I ok with that? You should be because Gradeable is marvelous and it will change your life.

This Buzzfeed-inspired post was brought to you by our outstanding interns Rebecca, Ned, Donna.

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