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Torii Hunter is head over heals for education

Torii Hunter is head over heals for education technology!

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This article has been brought to your Friday Bulletin Board because the man who wrote this is fired up about something we at Gradeable care very much about: curriculum. It is monumentally important to learn and develop lessons that students will embrace. And curriculum building starts from the ground up. Nothing you can purchase or pay someone to develop will “make a dent in our medieval model of learning” if done without the students and their education in mind. One reason schools love Gradeable is because we’re more about curriculum than about learning tech. We still use paper and are here to make sense of what you already have, from the ground up.

Connected Educators Month #ce13
It’s connected educator month. Follow the hashtag to keep up with updates about how educators are fusing technology into education. During this month there are edcamps which are conferences led by the people who attend them. They are going on all over the world, and if you don’t see one that suits your educational interests, then you can start one of your own.

Pearson + LearnLaunchX = <3
Pearson, the largest education company in the world, is partnering with LearnLaunchX, our accelerator program! We’re very excited about this because it gives us access and opportunity to work with an industry leader. The establishment is coming together with the upstarts and we’re thrilled to see where it goes.

Two urban schools, one ed-tech company, two very different results
This is the story how one ed-tech company had two dramatically different results in two schools, less than two miles apart from each other. In the first school, a start-up consulting company named Junyo was hired to build a dashboard to consolidate student data. Unforunately as more teachers started to use the technology, the system could not support that many users, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. In the second school, Junyo functioned more as a consulting company, helping her integrate technology into the school. Junyo suggested math software that helped students understand concepts, instead of just computation. I’m curious to know what you think about the story. Administrators and educators horror stories? Success stories? What do you like best about working with edtech developers? What could be better? Developers, what are the challenges you face or horror stories you’ve experienced? Success stories?

Why a great teacher yoda was
Star Wars is a movie that just keeps giving. Before you kick off your weekend, we’re linking you to eight reasons why Yoda was a great teacher. Sure, he is cute, green, and wise, but did you ever stop to think what an amazing teacher he was? (Star Wars junkies, don’t answer that.) My favorite may be his simplicity. He always found a way to help others slow down and get back to the basics.

Have a great weekend, you will!

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