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Apples say, "We're ready for a great quarterback match up on Sunday! GO PATS!!!"

Apples say, “We’re ready for a great quarterback match up on Sunday! GO PATS!!! And we respect Peyton Manning, but he’s no Handsome #12!”


Report sheds light on who teaches with technology
The pew research center conducted a survey asking middle and secondary school teachers how they use technology. As no surprise, technology has become a central part of their every day lives. Technology is central in most of our lives these days whether we’d like to admit it or not. I picked this story because it’s a good, straight forward look at technology’s number (with an infographic, of course). Probably the most interesting is that teachers are more likely to have a laptop, computer, or e-reader than the general population. And most tellingly, teachers in lower income communities are having a hard time getting resources and support to bring technology into their classrooms.


9 iPhone projects
The teacher who put this together says that students don’t usually think of their devices as cameras or all the different things you can learn from photography. My favorite of her projects is the one that combines writing with pictures. For example they could make a “how-to” guide taking pictures of each of the steps. At it’s very core, photography forces you to look at something in a different angle, light, or composition. It gives you some perspective.


Protests in LA over $1 billion iPad rollout
We revisit LA this week. The school system is having trouble convincing everyone that iPads are a good idea. While the iPad director insists it’s about how teachers make use of their devices, and not the device itself, her message isn’t getting across very clearly. Protesters believe the plan is unsustainable and irresponsible. Their plan calls for the distribution of over 100,000 iPads over the spring semester. I mean, that’s a ton of iPads if you’re not secure in the game plan. What do you think? Is the big iPad budget justified? Or should more resources be applied to teacher support? While you think it over, check my favorite excerpt from the article…

The protest, organized by United Teachers Los Angeles, included protesters eating an iPad-shaped cake and 10 teachers and parents holding up the numerical digits of the $1-billion cost.


Focus in school shifting from collecting data to using it

Teachers easily tap into data about their students’ performance to adjust how they teach, and parents can log into networks to learn how their children are doing, according to a new report by the Data Quality Campaign

Things are happening! People are making effective use of all this data. Sometimes, when I harp about using data, it’s amazing to me that not everyone appreciates the power of analyzing data. Maybe it’s not idea for every situation. I wish Google didn’t know everything I was thinking, but in school? To help our young minds reach their potential? It’s a no brainer. I’m glad it’s made its way to the Huffington Post. Or HuffPo as we like to call it in the biz…


President John F. Kennedy: Remarks at Amherst College, October 26, 1963
In honor of JFK, I’m sharing one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever read. This excerpt of his speech honoring Robert Frost and the role of the artist is printed out in my room. That such a powerful political figure recognized the ups and downs and standards to which an artist holds him/herself reminds me of why I chose the artist’s path.

If sometimes our great artists have been the most critical of our society, it is because their sensitivity and their concern for justice, which must motivate any true artist, makes him aware that our Nation falls short of its highest potential. I see little of more importance to the future of our country and our civilization than full recognition of the place of the artist.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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