Gradeable is #PoweredByPizza

#PoweredByPizza: Domino's makes a pizzavestment in Gradeable

#PoweredByPizza: Domino’s makes a pizzavestment in Gradeable

“Hi there! I’d like to send you $500 in free pizza. This is not spam,” said no one ever.

That is until one fateful day when Gradeable got this mysterious email from a mysterious email address in Miami, FL. It obviously sounded too good to be true, but they weren’t looking for our credit card number, or to wire us $1 million. So we cautiously accepted, and gave them the address of our office. It sat in the back of our minds for a month, radio silence giving way to hilarious daydreams of mass pizza delivery. How is that possible? Who’s delivering it? Will there be bread sticks?

Then, suddenly last Friday, a box arrived. It was unassuming enough, in the form of a large “if it fits-it ships” container. Inside, however, was a beautiful thing: a cross between a pizza box and brief case (A brie-zza box! See what I did there?) painted silver, and detailed down to a faux combo lock. It came with a personal note to Gradeable, and—wait for it—a $500 gift card for late-night motivating, hard-work fueling pizza.

“Dear Gradeable,” it reads, “We believe in you. You are brave.” These are not the words you’d think an international pizza company would send to a small ed tech startup, but Domino’s is waking up to the powerful combination of a grassroots movement combined with social media. Instead of creating another commercial, billboard, or pamphlet, they’ve decided to give away their product to around 30 small companies around the country, asking only that we Tweet, Instagram, or post about our #poweredbypizza moments.

Domino’s, you and your genius marketing strategies — of course we’re going to talk about getting a massive amount of pizza! Their concentrated approach to education transformed a formerly distant corporation to one that is connected and relevant to their communities. These communities are comprised of a group of real people with real jobs, real struggles, and real motivation. Domino’s cares about the people, and people need energy to do amazing things. So, why not pizza?

Since Domino’s is giving back to the community that powers them, we’d like to give back to the community that powers us: you. We’ll be throwing a pizza party a pizza party for our Boston-area Gradeable teachers with all our pizza credit some time in December. More details to follow, so stay tuned!



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