Gradeable Gives Thanks for Teachers

Gradeable is thankful for teachers!

Gradeable is thankful for teachers!

With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to take a step back for a little teacher appreciation. I asked the Gradeable team why they were thankful for teachers to share with everyone. The responses they gave make it clear why Gradeable exists: This team cares about the educator’s role. So for that, this year, I am thankful to have found this team. Parul, Sheri, Kattie, and Mikaila have been inspiring to work alongside. They combine brains, humor, and hard work in a way that makes getting on a train to come to work in Boston something I actually look forward to.

Why are you thankful for teachers? Our answers are below. If you want to join the conversation, Tweet us @gradeable with the hashtag #TeacherThanks. Here is  our team’s #TeacherThanks:

“Teachers are our role models and guides in some pretty formative years, when we have no idea what we’re doing or going and need the right people around us.  They have an enormous task in handling so many little lives, being role models, and trying to steer all those little (or big) people along the path of learning.  They get a bad rap sometimes, especially lately, but I still can say with confidence that nearly every teacher I have ever met does their job for the love of their students.  They deserve every parent’s thank you and the right supports to do their job well.  And of course, that’s why we built Gradeable.”
—Parul Singh

“Teachers are charged with the enormous task of not only molding good students, but also good citizens. They care for other people’s children, encourage them, protect them, and listen to them. They are the champions of dreams and hopes, and the dissolvers of limitations and fears. Teachers see the potential of every mind, and can turn not only a day, but a life, around. Their work cannot be measured when the last bell rings, and the year is over, but when their students recall on them many years later and the lesson is still fresh. I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful educators who helped shape my future so positively, and that is why I’m thankful for teachers.”
—Mikaila Waters

“You know that kid in class who checking their phone while the teacher is explaining a concept, tunes in for the last couple points, then raises her hand and says, “wait, what?” That was me. I was the “wait, I don’t get it” kid in class. Now that I’m a little older and a little more aware, I am especially thankful for all the teachers who took a breath and patiently re-explained something to me. I’m eternally grateful for the teachers in my life to made it their livelihood to open my mind, which would have become a wasteland if left to my own devices. I am inspired by the teachers and people around me who dedicate themselves to making the world a better, open minded, curious place to be.”
—Bon Chan

“As a former teacher, I know how lonely it felt grading papers in my classroom running often until 8 p.m. or even standing in front of 30 (40, even 50) questioning eyes every day, thinking that I was all alone in this seemingly endless, uphill climb. These children’s lives and success are contingent on you, your time, your heart, your dedication and it’s often a lonely business that teachers selflessly and eagerly take on. But I am thankful for the large and burgeoning education technology community of bloggers, programs, and products ready to step in and ensure that teachers are not in fact alone – ever. There is a group of people that dedicated their lives, their heart, their time to ensuring teacher success so that they can simply do their jobs well and be happy.”
—Kattie Lam

“I am thankful for teachers who always supported me when I wanted to do more and pushed me when I wanted to give less. When I was in high school, my music teachers let me play five instruments in the bands and orchestras and also sing in the sing in the choir, and never told me I was a wacko.”
—Sheri Cheng

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, safe, and relaxing Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah!)


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