Say Goodbye to Excel; Say Hello to Common Core Tagging

Time to part with the spreadsheets because WE’VE GOT COMMON CORE TAGGING!


For those of you who feel like you have a part-time job entering data, Common Core tagging with Gradeable is another solution to all the manual labor. We’re taking out the tedious part of quizzing so you can focus on teaching. Our newest feature is Common Core tagging and analytics, as Kattie introduced the other day. It is designed for you to track student mastery as you teach. As you create your assessment, you can tag each question with the corresponding Common Core standards, which all come pre-loaded.

So let’s say you’re a 5th grade math teacher and you just completed a lesson on fractions, or 5.NF. The first question of your quiz asks students to add and subtract unlike fractions by finding a common denominator (standard 5.NF.1). Your second question asks students to solve a fraction addition/subtraction word problem (5.NF.2). Since it’s Christmas Eve, you’re only giving a two-question quiz. 

Now, as you create the quiz on Gradeable, you tag each question with the corresponding standard(s). The quizzes come back to you; you scan them; you upload them to Gradeable. With the extra time you have, you can work on your fractions music video for the new year. You’re going to blow their minds with how cool fractions really are.

¡Viva la fractions en 2014!

So the quizzes come back from Gradeable and the results are all there in front of you. You can tell, via a beautiful chart, how well your students fared. Some stuff you can see…

  • standard mastery by quiz
  • individual student mastery of standard
  • assessment mastery (quiz overall performance)
  • class performance (across multiple classes)
  • frequency of standard (how many times you’ve tagged that standard)

Instead of designing an assessment, grading the results, then lining that up in terms of the Common Core, Gradeable does that for you. Come the end of the grading period, you’ll have portfolios for the students which tell you where their grade came from. And even before the end of the grading period, using Gradeable will give you faster, smarter feedback so you know where to apply the pressure. And you will know in time to do something about it—not after the test is done and students have closed the chapter.

The beauty of Common Core tagging is that it gives you more control to do what you do best. Gradeable grading does the number crunching for you so you can make the teaching decisions that only real, human teachers can do.

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