New Feature: Common Core Tagging and Analytics

What: Tag Common Core standards
on assessments and questions

Why: Insight into the CCSS and pinpoint exact student knowledge gaps by standard

How: Read on to learn more!

You asked—we listened. Introducing: Common Core State Standards tagging with Gradeable assessments. We can’t tell you how excited we are to give teachers the insight into tackling CCSS.

Gradeable enables Common Core standards tagging for student insight
With this new feature, you can tag whole assessments and individual questions with a standard so you will know exactly which standard students are struggling on.

No longer do you have to print out your standards and manually check off which standards you’ve hit – with Gradeable, we pre-uploaded all standards for all grade levels and subjects so that whenever you create an assessment, you can tag it with the specific standard. And we make it super easy – here’s a walk-through:

How do you tag Common Core standards on assessments and questions?
APPLY: Create an Assessment and Apply Standards

The Assessment Creator will look just a little different. Before you can create an assessment, you’ll be prompted to tag each assessment with its standards.

“But wait! I haven’t told Gradeable which grades I’m teaching and which standards to pre-organize!” No problem – click on Apply Standards and you’ll see this screen:

Select the standards that relate to your subject and grade level just this once and we’ll always have the standards ready for you whenever creating a new assessment.

  1. After applying grade level standards, go back and click “Get Standards” (2).

  2. Select the standards you’ll be testing on this exit ticket/quiz/assessment
  3. Standards will pop in the bottom right window, “Selected Standards.
  4. Click Create.

BUILD: Build your assessment and tag standards to questions

  1. Build your assessment, by creating a multiple choice, open response, or survey question.

  1. Don’t forget to tag the standards! Click on Tags and your assessment-specific tags will show up.

ANALYZE: Organize tagged standards by frequency tagged or mastery per class and assessment. Analyze results for actionable insight.

  1. Keep track of mastered standards. Here are a few ways:

    By Assessment:
    This graph shows a brief overview of 1) standards tagged and 2) average score on this assessment across classes. 

    Not sure what 6-8.RST.2 is? No problem, mouse over the standard number for which group of standards it belongs:

     Need more information? We gotcha, hover over the bar to have the full standard and exact average mastery score:

    By Class:
    Maybe you want to know exactly how period 2 science is doing. This view will allow you to see all the standards tagged, how frequent they were tagged, and the average mastery scores. To see this view, click on the Students Tab > Click on the class.

    By Frequency or mastery:
    You can still hover over the bars and standards for more information. Here you will also get to switch between two different graphs: frequency of tagged standards and average mastery scores.

Why frequency and mastery?
When we teach, teachers want to know mastery scores through formative and summative assessments; however, with the added metric of frequency, you can know if there is a correlation between frequency and mastery. Examples:


Frequency + Mastery Combination

Next Steps

Ex. 1

High frequency + high mastery

Time to move on

Ex. 2

Low frequency + high mastery

No need to reteach, move on

Ex. 3

Low frequency + low mastery

Need to focus on this strand and reteach

Ex. 4

High frequency + low mastery

Maybe it’s not the way you taught the lesson. Time to look at the foundational gaps that comprise this standard and reteach

Focus on CCSS for student insight and teacher comfort
We’ve evolved from grading faster, to exit tickets, to the CCSS and that’s because the needs of the current teacher is always evolving. The Common Core has taken over your class like a bad winter storm, and we’re going to weather it together by using tools like Gradeable to teach effectively and increase student gains.

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