Why ‘Higher Order Teaching’?


The pyramid
Coming up on 2014, and my sixth month of blogging, I took a look at our blog name and thought, why ‘Higher Order Teaching?’ After a short investigation, I learned that the blog name Parul chose had to do with Bloom’s hierarchy of learning. Most of you have probably seen the pyramid above with the basic levels of learning at the bottom (recalling and understanding). Theoretically, only after you’ve mastered the bottom levels, can you move on to the upper echelons (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). Up top there, is the higher-order of learning. Think about it: only after you can recognize letters and words (knowledge) can you write sentences (application) or decide if something is a good sentence (evaluation).

Higher order teaching
All we’ve done was take Bloom’s concept of higher order learning and applied it to teaching. At the base of our teaching pyramid is the fundamentals of teaching: knowing the subject, understanding it well enough to teach, applying it to real world situations. As teachers move up this pyramid of teaching, he/she beings to recognize what each student needs in order to learn, find creative ways to assess, and make individualized plans of actions for students with varying abilities.

So our blog is meant for the teachers who hang out, or want to hang out, at the top of this pyramid. We discuss practice, stories, and theories of teaching at the higher level: customized lesson plans, new ways to drive engagement, formative assessments.

Gradeable to the rescue
Higher Order Learning is linked from the Gradeable homepage because our product is meant to facilitate that foundational work to help teachers do that upper echelon stuff. We’re not saying we can remember your students’ names for you, but what we can do is take care of the tedious stuff: grading multiple choices, digitizing those assessments so you can grade anywhere, crunching the numbers. We are here to help you focus the human part of teaching: analyzing, connecting the dots, and making judgement calls.

So higher order teaching. Now that I know what it is, you can be sure it’ll be our battle cry in 2014. Have a great and safe new year, folks. We’ll be back on Thursday!

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