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On Tuesday, February 11, Young Education Professionals will be hosting a Twitter chat on assessments being developed around the Common Core State Standards. A Twitter chat is an online discussion strung together with a particular hash tag, in this case #YEPchat. Join them to share your thoughts and ideas with the people who are developing assessments. For anyone who’s interested, this is your opportunity to hear from experts before the assessments are implemented in school districts across the country in the 2014–2015 school year.

Teachers speak out against standards-based grading
Some teachers in the Oseeo School District in Minnesota say that the standards-based approach is burning them out. Constantly assessing, they say, takes focus away from teaching. One first grade teacher says they haven’t had adequate training and not enough time to test students. In addition, teachers expressed grievances for having to accept late assignments because there was no longer a penalty for late work. Do any readers out there share these sentiments? How are you dealing with them? Is your school providing support?

States move to rebrand the Common Core 
In Florida, lawmakers would like to change the name of the Common Core to “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.” Florida’s move, along with states like Iowa and Arkansas, is a result of the growing opposition to the student guidelines. The idea is to keep the standards but change the name in hopes for a greater public appeal. While the backlash for a sweeping initiative is not surprising, it will be interesting to see if a superficial name change will do the trick for buy-in.


Teachers who blog on SBG
Earlier this week, we rounded up five teacher-run blogs focused on standards-based grading. The idea was “don’t just take our word for it, check out what these teachers have to say about standards-based grading.” The post is an aggregation of thought leaders with tips like how to keep it simple and a chart that converts an SBG 4-point scale to a 100-point scale. Once we put it out on social media, we got a head’s up that we missed one from Garnet Hillman. We hope it’s helpful in PLN building!


Photos from the Second Gradeable Social
Wednesday was the big night. We packed our office with Boston-area teachers who were eager to learn about standards-based grading. Check out our photos from our night of pizza, PLN, SBG, and wine. If you’re in the area and couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We’ll be having more!


Have a great weekend, folks!

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