Save the Date: #GradeableSocial on January 29

gradeable social invite

Got something to say about the traditional grading system? Well we’d love to hear it at our #GradeableSocial. Standards-based grading is the topic of discussion this time around. As we offer tips and show you how Gradeable helps with SBG, we want to hear your voices on teaching, grading, and student engagement that drives the grading method you use.

We’re hosting the #GradeableSocial for a few reasons. First we want to create a conversation, a personal learning network, a support system for teachers. Think a PLN without the hashtag. We call it a “Pizza Learning Network,” and the key thing is that it exists in the real world, not just the virtual one. Pizza because we got a ton of free pizza from Dominos.

We hear all too often that teachers feel alone in this struggle to grade that pile of papers, find fresh ways to present topics, and keep up with technology all while sustaining their love of teaching. You are most certainly not alone. We want to give you a platform to share your ideas, grievances, and successes in the classroom.

Our other reason is to put our product on display. We’ve got new features and are ramping up to take over the world so get your free trials before we sell out. At the #GradeableSocial, you can see exactly what we do and how it works. Maybe it’s something that will save you time, simplify data entry, or open your eyes to trends you weren’t spotting in the classroom. If nothing else, come to be around people who speak your language about technology’s role in education. We’re a learning community in real life, or IRL as the kids say these days.

The #GradeableSocial is on Jan. 29 at Exponential Techspace. Along with free food and drinks, our founder Parul Singh will share a few words. Come meet our team. Grow your network. Kick off the year with people who love education just as much as you do!

Follow us on Twitter for updates and we look forward to seeing you there. For questions, email me at


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