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Big tech to help with schools’ broadband internet 
During the State of the Union Address, President Obama announced that Apple, Microsoft, Sprint and Verizon would help connect 15,000 schools and 20 million students to speedy Internet. In addition, major tech companies are giving away $750 million worth of products to help bridge the digital divide. President Obama said these business leaders were contributing because they want our country’s students to have to resources to succeed.


California law allows parents to overhaul public schools
A new law in California allows parents who turn low-performing schools into charter schools. Under the parent trigger act,  parents can force a major overhaul of a low-performing public school if a majority of parents sign a petition. Some teachers and parents in a California district that has adopted this law have taken to vandalizing an elementary school in protest.

[Parents leading the overhaul] say the law gives parents leverage and sends a warning to administrators and school board members about the consequences of failing to act when a school is under-performing. If bureaucrats get complacent, parents just may wrest away one of your schools–and the public money that goes with it.

What do readers think? Should parents have this kind of leverage? Or should schools be held more accountable by lawmakers?


Student led backlash against charter schools
Students of New Orleans charter schools are revolting against the rigid rules at school. Almost 100 students at two Collegiate Academy charter schools staged a sit in over unfair discipline policies like getting punished for not walking in straight lines. Yeah you read that right. This unrest comes despite a growing graduation rate in New Orleans. It’s another example of how there’s a lot more to a story than just the numbers.


History writers: take a lesson from news writing
One history teachers makes the case for reading the news. By learning the fundamentals of writing for the news, students can become better history writers. The history teachers say writing skills like concision and clarity, objectivity, and using the right sources can be learned from news writing. Viva la journalism bueno!


School is canceled in an excellent way
These school administrators taking mass messaging to a new level. Hint: it’s very very awesome!


Have a great weekend, folks! Enjoy the weather!

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