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California lawmakers take on student privacy

Lawmakers in California are pushing for legislation that protects personal information of students in elementary school through high school. The bill would prohibit education-related websites, online services, and mobile apps for K12 from “compiling, using or sharing the personal information of those students in California for any reason other than what the school intended or for product maintenance.” The bill would also prohibit information of students for commercial purposes like marketing. The new legislation is expected alter business practices across the nearly $8 billion education technology industry.


Colleges are going for standards-based programs

In higher education, it’s called competency-based education. The approach to compentency-based degrees is called direct assessment, which directly measures student knowledge and learning without traditional courses, teaching professors, grades, deadlines or credit hour requirements. The Department of Education, while supportive, recently turned down the University of Northern Arizona’s proposal so it’s still unclear if they stand behind the initiative. Still, plenty of colleges in the US have won federal approval for their competency-based programs. This is good news for students who want to learn at their own pace and great news for champions of the standards-based lifestyle!


What do teachers make?

Has anyone ever asked you how much you make at your job? This one teacher has the greatest rebuttal to anyone who’s ever uttered the saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t teach.” This may be from 2009, but it never gets old hearing it.


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