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Red was overwhelmed by the test talk...

Red was overwhelmed by the test talk…

The new SAT

The College Board announced major changes to the SAT, and most notably, changes to the writing portion. Some of the most prominent changes:

The writing test will be optional. Currently, even though many colleges ignore writing test scores, all students must take the writing portion of the test.

Vocabulary words will eliminate “sometimes obscure” language that has been dominant and will be replaced by words “that are widely used” in college and the work place. In testing of words, the College Board will stress those for which meaning depends on context.

Print and digital versions of the SAT will be offered; currently the test is paper only.


A successful assessment discussion

We had our Gradeable Social all about assessments. Our three panelists (Alexis Rosenblatt of ANET, Jennifer Spencer of Match Charter High School, and Jonathan Ketchell of Hstry) fielded questions all about high-stakes, low-stakes, and alternative assessments. Here are some highlights:


LL Cool J’s still got it

In 2010, an amazing thing happened on YouTube, and that is, theelectriccompany uploaded a music video of LL Cool J rapping about punctuation. Because when you see a punctuation mark, you have to know what to do! You’re welcome.


Have a great weekend, folks!

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