Friday Bulletin Board: Extra! Extra! We Launched Our Mobile App!

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On Wednesday, we launched our mobile app. Now it’s even easier for teachers to scan and upload paper-based student assignments without having to leave their desk. With our launch, came coverage from the press, and we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in getting our name out there. Thank you for everyone’s support from retweets to feedback to just good, old fashion company—your support means so much to us. And as always, thank you to the teachers for getting up in the morning to help shape the future. There would be no Gradeable without teachers.

Now, without further ado, here’s how our mobile app launch was covered this week:

BostInno: MIT-Spun Startup Puts the Power into Teachers’ Hands With New Mobile Grading App

Teachers can spend a third of their time just grading. Yet, with the free, new iPhone app, they can scan and upload quizzes, worksheets and tests, and allow Gradeable to do the work. Once assessments are in the system, the company can analyze how students are performing against Common Core standards and provide charts that help highlight individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. Once armed with the data, all it takes is one quick glance for educators to know what they need to reteach.


BetaBoston: Gradeable launches mobile grading app as ed tech heats up

The Greadeable app uses a mobile device’s camera to scan and instantly grade student assessments, whether they are fill-in-the-blank or short answer. Scores are then compiled, and data from the tests are analyzed to give immediate insight to classroom teacher’s on a student’s success or difficulty on a certain test or a specific type of assessment question.


EdSurge: Gradeable Adds Free Mobile App for Teachers

While the freestanding Gradeable website allows for educators to easily scan paper-based quizzes and work with a QR code, the app allows for students to directly submit assignments to a teacher’s Gradeable Inbox—without teachers touching physical paper or taking work home.


Boston Herald: New Apple app 
makes the grade

“If we can score it automatically, we will,” Parul Singh, the company’s founder and CEO, said yesterday. “If it’s more in-depth, teachers can review it and grade it more quickly than they normally would by looking at all of the answers for each question one at a time and creating a comment bank to save their remarks about mistakes that are the same. Teachers should be able to go over to their iPad 10 minutes later and see exactly which areas they need to re-teach.”


Press release: Gradeable Launches Digital Grading Mobile App

Colin, a middle school reading teacher says, “The best thing about Gradeable is that it automatically grades, so that I don’t have to do that—but it also gives me data. I can actually click and look to see how my students did on each question and then use that data the next class—immediately.”


Current Gradeable users can download the free Gradeable app in the iTunes App Store at New users can sign up for a free trial at

Thanks for tuning in. Have a great weekend, folks!

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