Gradeable User Testimonials

gradeable user testimonial

We know that trying a new technology is intimidating. We decided to let our teachers do the talking— here’s what they have to say:


Click on our YouTube playlist to watch interviews with Debbie, a high school teacher and Colin, a middle school teacher.


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“[I am most excited about] Data collection and easy of grading – although it takes time to set up the test – the aftermath of grading becomes so simple.”

Kristopher, 7th & 8th grade

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“I have used Gradeable for five months. I teach math to 110 students; most of my time is spent grading problem sets. Gradeable has allowed me to spend more time preparing lessons and tutoring students. Additionally, it has provided instant feedback for my students. My students think the app is exciting, and they consider the instant feedback relevant and valuable. Gradeable is efficient and thoroughly informative for both teachers and students.”

Susanne, high school

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“I have stopped assigning exit slips at the end of each class, since even the briefest responses would take forever to grade, record, analyze, and then design mini-lessons to remediate. Gradeable seems to address so many of these concerns. It would allow me to reintroduce exit slips into my daily practice, and give me new opportunities to analyze and interpret data in a way that informs, rather than hinders, my teaching practices.”

  Justin, high school

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“I love my iPhone and would love to make that the way to do grades, collect data and give feedback. Beyond that, I get really excited about data collection and visualization. I want to find a student data visualization system that combines Edward-Tufte-style graphs and charts with an Ira Glass level of insight and laser focus into what’s actually important.”

Luke, high school

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