ProTip Wednesday: Importing CSV Files to Your Gradebook


Data entry was never part of a teacher’s job description. But that pain point is felt most often after school, punching in student scores, hoping that that there was some easier way to finish this task.

Gradeable exports all quiz scores and results into a CSV file that can easily be imported to your current gradebook. We’ll be focusing on PowerTeacher and Kickboard today, but if you’re using another gradebook and would like to know more tips and tricks, comment below!

Getting your Gradeable CSV file ready

1. Finish grading and export your results from Gradeable. (Assessment > Click on assessment > Results > Export Results)


2. Generate the CSV file and open in Excel.


3. Then choose your current gradebook platform and following the directions to importing CSV files from here!

Importing CSV files to PowerTeacher

1. Create a new assignment in PowerTeacher – Be sure to set the score type, points possible, and due date during assignment creation.


2. Go back to your Gradeable CSV file and delete all fields except for: name and score (choose to either keep the percentage or points)

3. In PowerTeacher, highlight the created assignment and go to Tools > Import Scores
4. Import the CSV file you saved from Gradeable
5. In the Import Scores window, check that the imported file will be: 1) CSV, 2) file score type is points (unless you kept the percentages in the original CSV). Click Next.

powerteacher46. All scores from your Gradeable CSV file will now populate your PowerTeacher assignment.

Important CSV files to Kickboard

Uploading to Kickboard using their Scorecard makes importing grades extremely easy. Directions taken from Kickboard:

1. Go to Academics > Assessment Scorecards > Create New Scorecard.

2. Enter assessment details (name, date, category).

3. Select Upload a Spreadsheet as the file type.

4. Assign a skill to each question on your assessment.

5. Next to the Kickboard option, click (save time! download the template pre-loaded with your students).¬†Any students who do not have scores on an uploaded scorecard will receive zeroes. To prevent this, you can delete the absent students from the file before you upload. You can add new students’ scores at anytime.

6. Gradeable export to Kickboard Scorecard:

  1. Copy Correct Responses
  2. Add the correct number of questions
  3. Ensure that the order of your names from Gradeable match the Kickboard Scorecard
  4. Copy and paste student responses

7. Follow the instructions to fill out your Kickboard Uploadable Scorecard, save file as the name of your assessment.

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  1. Mo Ollek
    February 10, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    It is possible to import csv grade files from another system into Aspen?

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