Beyond the Red Pen: Meet Katie, High School Science

Meet Katie, a high school science teacher from Phoenix, AZ. She makes the period before lunch bearable by making a “crave-able” lunch, only grades in green and purple pens, and never lets a 12 year old ruin her day. Learn more about how she grades!

Teacher grading tips routine

What is your current location?
I currently teach Science at Glenview College Preparatory HS in Phoenix, Arizona.

What subject and grade (s) do you teach?
I teach high school science–all subjects! (biology, chemistry, environmental science, astronomy)

What is your favorite teaching accessory?
Purple Pens!

Tips and tricks on making the best “teacher lunch?”
Always something worth crave-able so I can have something to look forward to! (usually some sort of chocolate)

Teacher grading tips secrets

What’s your favorite time to grade and why?
Right after school when I’m in teacher mode. When I get home, I’m too checked out for the day.

What is your must have grading tool/utensil?
I grade in green marker. Coolio green marker, to be exact.

How do you find grading “zen?”
Pandora on, fresh cup of cold water, right after school. Gets me in the zone to go to the gym right after school.

What is your super secret tip to grade faster that you wish all teachers knew?
Don’t grade everything! Do notebook checks instead of actually grading the whole notebook.

Teacher grading tips

What is one strategy that has worked to increase student motivation?
This year in my classroom, you have to earn the right to extra credit. If you don’t have all the assignments completed, you can’t just do extra credit at the end of the year to earn points.

What is the best teaching advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t let a 12 year old ruin your day.

Teacher grading tips fun

Do you have specific teaching shoes? If so, what are they?
Flats! Preferably, Lauren Conrad flats…comfortable and cute.

What’s the last thing you bought for your classroom?
Laundry Detergent for a bio cell experiment.

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