We Asked Students, ‘What Makes a Good Teacher?’ Here’s What They Said

student engagement and good teacher As our student engagement month comes to a close, we asked students what they thought made a good teacher. The answers we got confirmed what we thought: a good teacher is enthusiastic, passionate, and able to connect with different types of students. Here are some more thoughts students had on teachers and school:

Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

Professor Siegel (law professor) because he’s very enthusiastic, passionate, and applies practical skills to law. — Ed, New England Law School (Massachusetts)

Mr. Pumphrey (world geography) because he was nice, very engaging, challenged us, had interesting activities, and knew my name. — Molly, Clark High School (Texas)

Mr. Grossman (social studies) because he made school more enjoyable. He catered the curriculum to individual students and went out of the way to connect with students. — Dave, Scarsdale Middle School (New York)

What makes a good teacher?

Making connections with students and a personal and educational level. — Joanne, Plymouth South High School (Massachusetts)

Someone who has a sense of humor but can also be serious when he/she has to be. — Keith, Von Tobel Middle School (Las Vegas) 

They are teaching because they are extremely passionate about a subject. They are focused on their core expertise and it’s infused with an uncontainable passion. They are good listeners and can relate. — Joshua, University of New Mexico (New Mexico)

Someone who knows what specific students need to learn in a profession sense, not just lessons and text. — Zach, Bay State College (Massachusetts)

What the most important thing you learned in school?

Respect. — Giovanni, Lieutenant Peter Hansen Elementary School (Massachusetts) Not taking stuff for granted, asking questions. — Yoran,  European School of Brussels (Brussels)

The ability to form an opinion, research it, articulate it, and convincing others. — Dave (New York)

Not to bully. — Gün, Oak Hill Middle School (Massachusetts)

Teachers, thanks to you for continuing to expand our makes and make us better people. We can’t wait for Teacher Appreciation Week! Students, what do you think? Is this pretty much what makes a good teacher, or is it something else?

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