A Day in the Life of a Teacher

5 AM Wake up with these thoughts: “What am i teaching today? Did I get those grades in yet? Good god, hurry up to school so you can get some work done in peace!”

6 AM Stroll into Starbucks as one of the first ones there… as usual. You don’t even have to tell them your name anymore.

6:30 AM Get to school and debate whether you should hit the bathroom or dive into work… your bladder goes neglected once again.

7:10 AM Check email—another faculty meeting after school? A reminder that grades are due on friday—phew, still got time. Pick up leftover trash, books, pencils, love notes

7:20 AM Review lesson plan for today, wondering, “What materials do I need? Can I do all of my copies in one run?”

7:45 AM Sprint to the copy room and mail room… “Do I have time for a bathroom break?” Get stopped by a fellow teacher to cover during your prep period. Begrudgingly agree and begin to figure out what grading won’t be done during that time. Bathroom will have to wait.

8 AM One last prep of the room, set up the projector, check the powerpoint. Now 30 seconds left to get to the department meeting.

8:30 AM Go to department meeting—shared new ideas after scarfing down two donuts. Realized you should have finished chewing before enlightening your colleagues with your classroom triumphs

First period Your bladder is definitely unhappy with you, and a handful of kids are dozing off. Try out your bad jokes on your first set of guinea pigs… Take a mental note to Google better jokes.

Second period Get email from parent unhappy with child’s grade. While pondering the reply, you learn that the projector light bulb has gone out.

Third period That kid sleeps through your entire class wakes up in time to ask a question you went over while she was sleeping. Makes jokes with her neighbors about your joke that didn’t land.

Fourth period See a student solve an algebra equation he’s been struggling with all week, remember why you got into the business

Lunch Make it to the bathroom, the glorious bathroom. Spend remainder of your lunch at the copy machine, and swallow your sandwich in 30 seconds. When asked how it was, you’re not even sure you tasted it. Roll back into your classroom with a new projector lightbulb.

Fifth period Catch students smoking in the bathroom; need to turn them into principal. It’s too bad, because one of them just got the hang of algebra. Back in class, you finally get the hang of your lesson—a couple kids even laughed at your joke. Personal high five. Another student refuses to leave your class because he hates sixth period; make time for a quick private chat.

Sixth period Call kid’s mom during your free period, who insists her child is smarter than that. Luckily, you have Gradeable so all her work and information is ready to show her parent what’s going on in class. Jet across the school to cover a teacher’s class.

Seventh period Write blog post during study hall to stay connected with students and parents. Join edchats on Twitter even though you’d rather be lesson planning. Think about how a student in your fourth period zoned out; Google other strategies. Come across one on how to differentiate instruction for increased student engagement.

2 PM Faculty meeting: learn about changes to the testing schedule; chat with other teachers about how to prepare the smoking students for the test, grumble about what else you could be doing instead of the meeting.

3 PM Manage to back in your seat and the kids are gone. Peace and quiet. Turn on your Pandora and start lesson planning. Put together packet for the smoking algebra student who just got suspended.

4 PM Pick up more leftover pencils, paper pieces, and love notes. Entertain a fleeting thought about going to the gym.

5 PM Attend students’ tennis match.

5:45 PM Swing by Walmart to pick up some school supplies.

6 PM Have the same dinner you’ve had three times already this week, because you are too exhausted to come up with something better and chicken nuggets and tater tots.

7 PM Watch “Cosmos” and start dreaming up new lesson plans.

8 PM Log into Gradeable to check how your students are doing, thanking the heavens that menacing bag of ungraded papers no longer needs to come home with you.

9 PM Realize it’s wayyy past your bedtime.

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