ProTip Wednesday: 10 Gifts Teachers Will Love

Part of Teacher Appreciation Week is all about showing your favorite person some teacher love. Put that #1 Teacher Mug away and try to give them one of these (non-Pinterest) gifts instead:

1. When you need to speak louder

No need to scream the directions for the third time anymore— instead, use a portable voice amplifier. You’ll feel better at the end the day, trust us. (via Edutopia)

2. When you need stickier Post-It Notes

We’ve all had the computer where it’s a rainbow of Post-It Notes but they start to fall by the end of the day and tape seems to be counter-productive. Use this Post-It Note tape instead to ensure 100% stickiness.

teacher gift post-it adhesive

via KK

3. When you need scissors and tape, but only one hand

teacher gift  scissors tape

via Fancy

4. When you need sandwich-safe Tupperware

Sometimes Tupperware wasn’t made for a three-tiered sandwich, so why not make the lid more flexible?

teacher gift  sandwich

via Fancy

5. When you really need a nap. At your desk.

There were times when we’ve all considered the idea of locking our door and rolling out the bed under the desk. This vibrating neck pillow helps you avoid whatever 20-year-old bacteria and lost student papers that exist down there.

teacher gift pillow

via Fancy

6. When you lose all of your pens, all the time

When you start your day, you had five color, beautiful pens. By the end of sixth period, you’re borrowing students’ pens. Keep it together with this handy dandy rubber band.

teacher gift  rubberband

via Quirky

7. When you’re scared of a computer cord fire

Keep your computer cord in one safe space, away from children and other fire hazards by using this wind up tool for your laptop charger.

teacher gift laptop charger

via Quirky

8. When you have to reach under your desk to find your iPad charger. Again.

You just wish that your iPad/iPhone charger stays on your desk, but gravity had other ideas. Keep it organized and stable with this cord organizer.

teacher gift  cord

via Quirky

9. On when you wish you could remove the stapler base

Bulletin board decoration is no joke, and there are instances where you wished you could just remove the stapler’s base so you can get to the middle of the board. Never fear, this stapler is the answer.

teacher gift stapler

via Quirky

10. When you run out of clothes to wear

Teachers will have a lot of school logo t-shirts and polos, but why not give it a twist? Give your favorite teacher something that celebrates why you’re everyday hero.

Give your favorite teacher the gift of time. Find out more at

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