ProTip Wednesday: 12 Ways for Teachers to Treat Themselves

We’re going strong for Teacher Appreciation Month and we can’t forget an incredibly important teacher tip: treat yourself! We put together a budget-friendly list for both our female and male teachers so there’s something for everyone. The first step of Teacher Appreciation is to appreciate you, the teacher.

1. Treat Yourself tote

What better way to remind yourself to relax than to carry around a tote? Kate Spade has this reusable tote bag for just $16.

teacher treats kate spade tote



2. Get that massage

You’ve been passing by Massage Envy everyday, so why not take the plunge? Many locations offer a teacher discount, so be sure to call and confirm. (via Thought Catalog)

3. Indulge in your favorite T.V. shows

We’ve heard of teachers catching up with their favorite shows through grading marathons but on those really bad days, turn on the Hulu and watch television in a way Olivia Pope would approve of. (via Thought Catalog)

4. Make a new gym playlist

Making time to get to the gym after a long day of tutoring and after school supervision is hard, but putting together a new playlist for a good workout is incentive to get going! Here are some resources to get your started: (via Self Magazine)

5. Go to a museum—from home

Google Art Project was created to enable viewers to virtually tour museums’ galleries where “museum-goers” could literally “walk-through” the galleries, which is powered by Google’s Street View technology. (via Self Magazine)

6. Put plants and flowers in every room

There is something calming about having nature in a concrete jungle. Even if you can’t easily frolic in the meadows, you can always smell the flowers. (via Thought Catalog)

7. Turn off your phone

It’s time to unplug. It’s great to plop down and go through your Instagram feed, but you can also just turn off your phone. You’ve been going through sensory overload all day— we promise the phantom tremors will stop soon. (via Thought Catalog)

8. Ice. Cream.

teacher ice cream

(via Thought Catalog)

9. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for

We can start: We’re grateful for our teachers. (That’s you!) Starting a journal or even just a list of paper of all the positive things that happened or what you are grateful for will bring a smile to your face in under 60 seconds. (via Thought Catalog)

10. Go to a coffee shop and find a nook to read a novel or two

Instead of going straight to Facebook, go straight to your favorite coffee shop and grab a latte and a book to feed your mind. (via Parenting)

11. Sit outside and just absorb

I personally liked to find a park where there’s a lot of activity and simply sit on the bench and soak in the noises that was not my classroom. Many people find that absolute calm and quiet is also helpful.

teacher relax nature

12. Dim the lights, put on some John Mayer

Create your own quiet room by shutting the lights and closing the curtains. Turn on John Mayer (or your favorite relaxation songs) and close your eyes. Here are some favorite songs the Gradeable Team relaxes to:

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