Funny Teacher Stories at the End of the School Year

As we reflect on the 2013-2014 school year, we can’t forget to remember the moments that made us laugh. Here are some teaching moments to put a smile on your face. Have a good one to share? Tell us about it in the comment section or email me We love a good story!

Enjoy 🙂

More than one way to dry a turkey

“When teaching a close reading lesson on a turkey recipe for 2nd graders, the ingredient list included a 14 lb. turkey, washed and dried. I asked if I could bring the turkey in the shower with me, and they laughed and agreed that I should wash it in the sink. When I asked what I should dry it with, I got the following answers: leaf blower, the sun, a hair dryer, a towel, an old shirt, the oven, and a microwave. Note: no student came up with paper towel. It was priceless.”

Katie Novak

Words to get their attention

I have a large class of Pre-Kinders this year and needless to say they are all VERY busy and VERY chatty. I also have a rocking chair for the first time in my career. So, as I was trying to begin a large group lesson and was gazing over my class wondering how in the world I was going to quiet them down, i noticed that I was beginning to feel nauseous. I looked down to see not one, but two little people, one on each side of me, rocking me away. These little people are identical twins! I planted my feet and said, “Please stop rocking me, I am feeling NAUSEOUS!” The room fell silent. All the children gazed at me in hopeful wonder until someone broke the silence and asked: “What does that mean?” I stopped and chuckled and then embraced the very teachable moment!! Out of that silly little moment, I learned that all I have to do is throw a big vocabulary word at them to gain their attention:)

— Gina Flynn

A reason to call home

I’m currently teaching a grade 4 class and when the lunch bell went a boy asked me if he can call home. I ask him why and he responds with, “My mom didn’t pack me the right sandwich. I wanted a sandwich with focaccia blackjack bread and she gave me regular bread. I need to call her because I like focaccia bread more.” That’s one of the best reasons to call home that I’ve heard.


Rhymes with what??

While on recess duty, a 1st grade girl came up to me and said that a boy swore at her and said the S word.  I asked her if she could tell me what it was and she got nervous about saying it outloud.  When I inquired more, I asked her what it rhymes with.  Without missing a beat she said it rhymes with “F%#K”.   After pulling my jaw off of the ground, I quickly told her that I would go talk to him and reminded her not to use that word again either.


Teachers don’t make that much!

I was speaking to some of my grade 7 students after school the other day when one of them asks me if I have a second job to which I reply I do. She told me she wasn’t surprised about this and when I asked her why this didn’t surprise her she responded with, “I was sure you had a second job because I saw you have an iphone 4 and we all know teachers don’t much that much!”


Hope you are keeping your humor during the home stretch. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend, folks!

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