ProTip Wednesday: Reflection Questions to Fine-Tune Your Teaching

As part of our “Summer of Reflection,” we want to make sure that you’re asking the best questions that will move your instruction to a higher level. So far, we’ve gathered and organized, now let’s deeply analyze the materials and ask the hard questions to ourselves. Feel free to use questions that best fit your teaching situation or even create a matrix of questions and responses to better organize your data. Or just simply print this list out and sit with colleagues to talk it out. Happy reflecting!


  • What resources did you use this year? Which were especially helpful and that you would use again?
  • In what ways have you gotten better in teaching this subject? In what ways do you need to improve?
  • Which parts of your teaching or the results were deeply satisfying and why?
  • What were your goals? Did you meet your goals or how did your goals change during the year?
  • What did this past year reveal about you as a teacher?
  • What did you learn about yourself as you taught this year?
  • Compare and contrast a project or lesson done at the beginning of the year versus at the end of the year.
  • Did you teach your lessons and conduct your classroom the same way other teachers do? If not, what did you do differently?
  • If you were your own teacher, what comments would you give yourself?
  • What caused you the most stress this year? How did you solve it?
  • When was a time that you felt the most joy or inspiration during this year?

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Unit and Lesson Plans

  • Did this unit’s lesson address the topic?
  • Was there enough scaffolding and prior knowledge engaged?
  • Where does the unit fit in the long term plan?
  • Did you follow best practices and address the standards?
  • What kind of background knowledge and skills did students bring this year? Did you engage in instructional strategies that met their needs?
  • Do you see patterns in your teaching style, like replying rapidly after a student question?

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  • What do you hope your students remember your best as a teacher?
  • What was the biggest mistake you made with them this year? How can you avoid making that mistake next year?
  • What is something you did this year that went better than expected?
  • Who was your most challenging student and why?
  • In what ways did you change the lives of your students this year?

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