Gradeable is now FREE. Here’s why.

Gradeable is happy to announce that we now offer a free version of our time-saving assessment and analytics platform to enable frequent, high quality feedback and formative assessment.

Why are we choosing to make our assessment tools free for teachers?

Students deserve assessment to empower diversity in learning and thinking, not stifle it. Machine-scorable bubble sheet testing reduces learning to its lowest common denominator, prioritizing “testable” skills over the boundless forms of learning that arise through engaging education. Low-stakes formative assessment is proven by widely accepted education research to improve teacher effectiveness, and we are making this practice more efficient and consistent every day. Cost should not stand in the way of a practice that can meaningfully improve education.

How do we help teachers and students?

We provide instant student performance and standards mastery analytics in your personalized dashboard, to help you offer your students timely, formative feedback.  We achieve this by first helping you grade, organize and analyze any kind of project or assessment you assign…including paper quizzes and tests, pictures of projects, and online assessments…without having to pour over 1000 spreadsheets. Anything you can scan, share, or upload is “gradeable“, because authentic learning can look like anything


What do you get for free? 

  • A results dashboard for all of your students to help you catch small holes in student understanding before they develop into sizable learning gaps
  • The ability to grade and analyze unlimited online quizzes and tests
  • The ability to upload, grade, and analyze an unlimited number of rubric-based assessments for projects
  • The ability to upload, grade, and analyze 100 paper assessments per month

Interested? Learn more.

So, why now?

Gradeable tools are now free to all K-12 teachers because formative assessment addresses a cry for help from the field of education that has been growing steadily louder for the past few years. We hear you, and we made our product free to address this problem on a massive scale.  Here’s the bottom line:  assessment is NOT education, assessment should EMPOWER education. Check out this amazingly articulate critique of high-stakes testing brought to you by a super-star 4th grader.

We could not have said it better ourselves.

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