Founder Parul Singh was inspired to create Gradeable while observing her husband Mark, then a middle school geography teacher, spending dozens of hours of his free time every week grading to give students critical feedback on their work. Mark was a great teacher and wanted to practice formative assessment and data analysis to drive his instruction. However collecting and analyzing student data was time-consuming and tedious.

Parul and the Gradeable team of former teachers and teacher-supporters talked to hundreds of educators facing similar problems. Teachers often started out starry-eyed about kids and learning, but became bogged down by regulations, standards, evaluations that drained their time and energy. We developed Gradeable to change that.  Our unique toolset gives teachers time and valuable insight, empowering them to be professionals and bring excitement and creativity back to teaching.

Teachers, you’ve got one of the toughest and most important jobs out there! As professionals, you require flexibility and freedom from your teaching tools. We’re listening to your needs and giving you the tools to succeed.

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