Lesson Planning

Big Data Part 2: Applications in Education

Big data in classrooms, schools, and districts are all about making sense of student information to drive better teaching. These data points may range from attendance to test scores to click rates and there’s technology to crunch these numbers for you. Once these tools tabulate this data, you have a quantitative story on each student.…

Formative Assessment

These days, it seems like education is overrun with the words ‘assessment’ and ‘accountability.’ It can feel overwhelming, exasperating, and intimidating. Sometimes, all three at once. But, imagine, just for a minute, that none of the institutional machinery of schools existed. None of the politics or policy. That it was just you and your students,…

The Differences Between Projects And Project-Based Learning – Edudemic

More on one of our themes this week: project-based learning.  We’re big fans!


From Edudemic: Project-Based Learning is a fluid technique to enhance learning that really looks nothing like projects as they’re described below. For example, in a PBL scenario, the teacher’s work is typically done prior to the start of the project, it’s graded on a clearly defined rubric, and has driving questions that keep the learning going.


Authentic Assessment as Part of a Testing Reform Campaign: Monty Neill

What are some of the ways we can make assessment more human?  We support Monty’s idea that teacher driven assessments can provide a valuable counterpoint to infrequent standardized testing — in fact that’s what our software is designed to support.  Very thoughtful article — worth a read!