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4 Common Grading Problems, Solved by Gradeable

Assessment can be so annoying!  Whether you’re a new or veteran teacher, you can relate to the frustration.  Gradeable offers solutions that teachers can use to solve the following grading issues have withstood the test of time: #1: “My students keep losing their assessments!” As teachers, we know the feeling of handing a paper back and having the…

15 WRONG Ways to Implement the Common Core: via Vicki Davis

Great post over at Vicki Davis’ blog.  We especially liked this quote, but the entire article is worth a read. (If you don’t read anything else in the next two weeks, read this.)

“Programs don’t teach kids, teachers teach kids.”


guest post by Johnna Weller, Ed D. Note from Vicki: As I was talking to Johnna from Discovery Education about this post, I started hearing her talk about districts who are struggling with Common Core. We thought that it would be helpful to know what people are doing to cause their…