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Gradeable is now FREE. Here’s why.

Gradeable is happy to announce that we now offer a free version of our time-saving assessment and analytics platform to enable frequent, high quality feedback and formative assessment. Why are we choosing to make our assessment tools free for teachers? Students deserve assessment to empower diversity in learning and thinking, not stifle it. Machine-scorable bubble sheet testing…

Teachers, the Education Technology Industry Needs Your Help

In March, EdSurge published an article about their experience at the SXSW conference in Texas. Educational technology (edtech) entrepreneurs came from far and wide to discuss the latest in edtech, but if you check the advisory board, only a handful identify themselves as K-12 educators. The SXSW competition for new companies, LAUNCHedu, was geared toward…

How Adaptive Learning Can Improve Your Classroom

What is adaptive learning? Adaptive learning refers to instruction that is based on a student’s progress. It is educational technology that adjusts the type and difficulty of instructional material to make it specific to a student’s performance level. For example, a reading program may give different tracks for students based on each individual’s lexile level.…

New Feature: Item-by-Item Breakdowns

The keyword is breakdown. Let’s breakdown all of the numerical barriers between you and understanding what your student truly needs. Our new, versatile, and extremely powerful data charts breakdown data—from quiz-by-quiz, to student-by-student, to question-by-question. Let’s dive in to how this works and what it all means for you. Quiz-by-quiz breakdown and at-a-glance analysis Starting…

Boston Mayor Walsh Visits LearnLaunch and Gradeable

L to R: Mark Racine, Melissa Dodd, Major Marty Walsh, and John Barros

L to R: Mark Racine, Melissa Dodd, Major Marty Walsh, and John Barros

On February 12, Boston Mayor Walsh visited our home co-working space, LearnLaunch, to learn more about us, our edtech neighbors, and to encourage sustainability of technology in this space and city. He was joined by officials from Boston Public Schools including Chief of Staff Melissa Dodd, Chief Information Officer Mark Racine, and new Chief of Economic Development, John Barros.

Mayor Walsh’s visit, in pictures:

The Gradeable team was ready to talk to Mayor Walsh about how we can help impact student learning in Boston Public Schools—and all students everywhere!

Gradeable power dresses

Here we are in our power dresses

While some of us chatted with guests of LearnLaunch while the mayor was in a LearnLaunch presentation…

Parul with McGraw Hill ed-tech representatives

Parul with McGraw Hill ed-tech representatives

Others couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse!

The mayor!

The mayor!

Parul gives Mayor Walsh the “elevator pitch” of Gradeable. The mayor responded saying that the nuns who graded his work in grade school with red pen definitely didn’t have something like Gradeable.

Gradeable founder Parul Singh explains our grading tool to Mayor Walsh

Gradeable founder Parul Singh explains our grading tool to Mayor Walsh

In his address to LearnLaunch, Mayor Walsh urged technology innovators in this very space to sustain their ideas and business in the city of Boston. He stated that the future of Boston’s growth lay within this very room.

The Boston mayor with LearnLaunch founders

The Boston mayor with LearnLaunch founders

Blog Master Bon personally meets Mayor Walsh.

So excited, she just can't hide it

So excited, she just can’t hide it

Our friend and Listen Edition founder Monica Brady-Myerov poses with the Gradeable apples.

Cool shirt, Monica!

Cool shirt, Monica!

Aaand back to work we go.

This is the startup life

This is the startup life

For more on Mayor Walsh’s visit, see EdTech Times.

ProTip Wednesday: 6 Steps to SBG with Gradeable

Overview: 6 steps to SBG with Gradeable Why I SBG-ed Gradeable vs. Excel Closer look into Excel Tracker How to standards-based grade (SBG) with Gradeable So the Excel-perts say they have a system – and yes, it’s a pretty jazzy system. But for those of us (ie. first year teacher me) who couldn’t trudge around…

EdVestors Education Headliners Breakfast

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63938391] Last Tuesday, Kattie went to an Education Headliners Breakfast hosted by EdVestors, a philanthropic organization which identifies important practices and brands themselves as a catalyst for change. The Edvestors tagline is “Driving Change in Urban schools” and the breakfast they hosted was to discuss the landscape of edtech challenges of true edtech success…

Gradeable at Innovate NYC, Part 2

Over the weekend, Mikaila revisited our team of Gradeable GapApp teachers in the New York school system for the Innovate NYC Schools initiative. Gradeable was selected as one of the ed tech startups to participate in the first ever #GapApp challenge. The contest proposed by the New York City department of education, challenging software developers…

Friday Bulletin Board

Project-based learning  This link talks about the difference between projects and project-based learning. Put simply: “Projects are about the product, while project-based learning is about the process.” Project-based learning is a concept in which students dig deeper into concepts, engage in feedback loops, and establish how all the small pieces relate to the overarching project.…