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Introducing Gradeable Projects

Manage and Grade Projects through Gradeable’s Brand New Project-Based Learning Tool We were not satisfied with just making your grading go faster.  We weren’t even satisfied with giving teachers invaluable insights into your students’ thinking.  We wanted to give teachers more options to understand and engage students, and to that end, we are happy to…

ProTip Wednesday: 5 Ways to Assess Student Understanding

We’ve all been there—you just gave a test and after receiving the results, you bury your head in your hands and ask yourself the big question: “Why didn’t they get it?” The “Getting It” process (also known as learning/achieving/mastering) is a teacher’s main goal —in addition to the other ten thousand other skills you want…

The Differences Between Projects And Project-Based Learning – Edudemic

More on one of our themes this week: project-based learning.  We’re big fans!


From Edudemic: Project-Based Learning is a fluid technique to enhance learning that really looks nothing like projects as they’re described below. For example, in a PBL scenario, the teacher’s work is typically done prior to the start of the project, it’s graded on a clearly defined rubric, and has driving questions that keep the learning going.