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ProTip Wednesday: 6 Steps to be Productive in Summer Reflection

We now know that feedback is incredibly important to students’ growth, but that same feedback is also extremely beneficial for us—the teachers— to grow as well. Because isn’t teaching also always growing and changing? But it’s hard to start looking back because we were so ready to look forward come June 1st. Here are 6…

Summer of Freedom

It’s summertime.  The tumult of your classroom has faded and you’ve gotten in at least one good beach day and an afternoon (or three) curled up with a long neglected book.  September seems far away… but not that far.  

You don’t want to think about the kids running around, endless bulletin boards, diving into lesson planning, or most of all the piles of paperwork and grading awaiting you in September.  Or do you?  

What if it could be different next year?  

What if grading was a pleasure, instead of a chore?  What if you didn’t have to manually enter all those scores into your gradebook afterwards?  What if you automatically got reports in your inbox or on your phone that helped you decipher what your students understood and didn’t understand, without any additional work on your part?  What if exit tickets were easy — and free?

We think summer is the perfect time to try a new tool.  That’s why Gradeable is free for the summer.  Sign up for our beta and try it out.  The secret handshake (also known as the invite code) is “SummerOfFreedomBL”.  If you know a summer school teacher, be sure to let them know that Gradeable could be perfect for them too.  

Enjoy your next iced tea, your next tennis game, your next nap on the beach.  Do some summer dreaming.  If nothing else, just daydream about the idea that next year could be different…. just planting a seed.  Enjoy your summer!

High Fives!

From the Team at Gradeable

Reading is not peaceful.

Reading should send you through a roller coaster of emotions. Reading propels you to other worlds and dimensions. Reading makes you put down the book in embarrassment from the actions of its characters. Reading sends you back and forward through time. Reading puts you in the minds of others. Reading connects you to characters you soon find you can’t live without. If you find reading peaceful, you haven’t been doing it correctly.

Great quote. What’s on your reading list this summer?

Summer Reflection

The school year is wrapping up and, as always, there is a lot to think about. Teachers, students, and the classroom have been on our minds all year long. How will you support your students as they enter finals? Do you have summer plans for yourself? How will you reflect on your semester? How will…