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Gradeable is now FREE. Here’s why.

Gradeable is happy to announce that we now offer a free version of our time-saving assessment and analytics platform to enable frequent, high quality feedback and formative assessment. Why are we choosing to make our assessment tools free for teachers? Students deserve assessment to empower diversity in learning and thinking, not stifle it. Machine-scorable bubble sheet testing…

15 WRONG Ways to Implement the Common Core: via Vicki Davis

Great post over at Vicki Davis’ blog.  We especially liked this quote, but the entire article is worth a read. (If you don’t read anything else in the next two weeks, read this.)

“Programs don’t teach kids, teachers teach kids.”


guest post by Johnna Weller, Ed D. Note from Vicki: As I was talking to Johnna from Discovery Education about this post, I started hearing her talk about districts who are struggling with Common Core. We thought that it would be helpful to know what people are doing to cause their…